It's the little things

It's the little things

I’ve recently come to the conclusion that I am the type of person that enjoys the little things. You know like the tiny, small, minuscule moments and facets of life that make living one thousand time better. I love them. I love them so much. Sometimes these little things are all it takes to make my day.

Below are some of my most favourite little things that I look forward to.

Laundry warm out of the dryer. I especially love folding it right away so I get to feel the warmth longer.

Sleeping on just-washed sheets. All the best sleeps happen on clean sheets.

Opening a new jar of something. Being the first person to stick a spoon or knife into a perfectly levelled layer of something is a feeling that can’t be matched.

Exercising or breaking a sweat and then showering right after. I always feel so much cleaner after those showers than I do after any other showers.

Putting messy food on a perfectly clean, white plate. Things with lots of sauce work great for this.

The feeling of shiny, freshly washed hair. Pair it with just-shaved and moisturized legs, mmm that’s what pure bliss is.

The smell of something made with cinnamon baking in the oven. Particularly in the Fall months and around Christmas.

Finishing the last cookie. Or whatever other kind of treat brings you like.

Having TV on in the background while doing things. Even more so if it’s turned to a news channel. It’s so comforting and becomes white noise for me.

Getting home and putting on pyjamas after a long day. Or getting home and putting on pyjamas after any day.

Getting a package in the mail. Especially when you weren’t expecting it.

Warm food on a cold day. My personal favourite cold day food is oatmeal.

Cutting open a perfectly ripe avocado. Then smashing it on some perfectly toasted toast.

Walking through freshly fallen snow. The dryer the snow, the better.

Drawing a perfectly straight line on a piece of paper. Perfect circles work too, and are even more satisfying.

Eating leftovers straight out of Tupperware. Satisfaction of this activity is greatly improved if it’s leftover chocolate cake.

Now that it’s fall, and getting up in the morning has become even more impossible, I really rely on the little things that bring me joy for motivation. Even the tiniest of things can be enough to get me out of bed smiling :)

Pumpkin spice minus the latte

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I like turtlenecks but I'm not a dork