It's snack season

It's snack season

Time to talk about something very serious and important.


I feel like out of all the seasons, Fall is definitely a snack type of season. It comes right after Summer, which is undoubtedly a drink kind of season, but before Winter which is a hearty-meal kind of season. Not really sure what Spring is, but to me it gives off condiment and sauce season vibes.

The drastic weather changes and shifts in routine are what quantifies Fall as a snack type season. Everyone heads in doors and cuddles up on the couch, which is prime snack territory, therefore demanding proper edibles to complete the scenario.

Enter snacks.

They’re fun, comforting and easy. The three best words that can accompany food. Now, to complete this wonderful storyline I’ve created, I must present to you my top picks for making the most of snack season.

Fiasco Dark Chocolate Sorbet

Really good and decadent. That is my four word review of this sorbet. It’s not too sweet and has a rich, chocolate flavour that is perfectly satisfying. It’s texture is spot-on as well, and it comes in a container with a twist off lid. Double bonus points there for innovation.

Crawford’s Garibaldi biscuits

I tried these for the very first time two days ago and they are easily my new favourite. They are two thin, golden biscuits with currants in the middle, and they actually remind of a less sweet Pop Tart. Crawford also happens to be my mother’s maiden name, so that’s another reason I like them, They are a British classic, which means they aren’t super easy to find, but I highly suggest buying them if you ever get the chance.

Smart Sweets

Very popular, and for a good reason. These gummies are a saving grace if you’re a candy-addict. I’ve only tried the Sweet Fish, the Fruit Gummy Bears and the Sour Gummy Bears so far. I wasn't expecting to like the Sour Gummy Bears as much as I did, but now I’m really pumped to try the Peach Rings and Sour Blast Buddies.

Vegetarian sushi

I know, it’s kind of an odd pick, but I must say vegetarian sushi is really an over-looked corner of the sushi category. If you’re looking for something light, but still filling and satisfying, it’s a great choice. The kind I recently had was from Whole Foods and was made with carrots, cucumber, avocado and brown rice. It really hit the spot and is also great finger food, which makes it ideal for snacking ;)

Annie’s Snickerdoodle Bunny Grahams

So I’ve never really tried any of the Annie’s products before, even though I know I should because they look amazing, but I guess I’m just scared I’m going to get hooked on them or something. These Snickerdoodle Bunny Grahams are calling my name though, and given their unique flavour profile (let’s be real, chocolate and vanilla just isn’t exciting anymore) I think I need to taste them at least once.

It is the season of snacking my friends, so ignore anyone who tries to tell you otherwise and carry on your merry way.

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