The most basic post I *think* I'll ever write

The most basic post I *think* I'll ever write

Ten facts about me….

I feel like this is something all people who have a blog do at some point, usually early on in their blogging journey, but somehow I just skipped right over it. Probably because I assumed that the only people who actually read my blog was friends and family, so doing a post on facts about myself seemed silly and unnecessary, but here we are!

Yes, it’s basic. Yes, it’s boring. Yes, it’s been done a million times before. Yes, yes, yes. I hear you, but I’m going to do it anyway so we might as well smile and make it fun. ☺

So, I present to you the ten least boring facts about myself I could think of.

Please enjoy.

  1. I’m from a small town on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia called Powell River. Most people don’t know where that is so here’s a map, and yes I am aware that “Powell" rhymes with my last name.

  2. My three favourite things to do when I have free time are baking, thrift store shopping and crosswords/sudoko.

  3. Reading my horoscope is a key part of my morning routine. I’m a Sagittarius and highly identify with my signs characteristics.

  4. I’m an only child with a relatively small immediate family, but have a large extended family that includes two step families and many other people who I have no relation to but would gladly give them my second kidney.

  5. Growing up I wanted to either be an artist or a fashion designer. Currently I’m carving out a career that combines both of those things, and I’m pretty proud of myself for that.

  6. I have a skin condition called Dermatographia, also known as skin writing. Essentially that means that when my skin gets lightly scratched the scratches become red and raised, lasting for up to half an hour before disappearing. It’s annoying and I hate, but some people think it’s cool.

  7. I have my diploma in Fashion Marketing.

  8. My cocktail of choice is a Moscow mule, prepared the CORRECT way in a copper mug with a lime wedge.

  9. Having had the privilege of living in both the country and the city, I have come to the conclusion that I am neither a “country girl” nor a “city girl” but simply prefer the city in the winter and the country in the summer.

  10. I’m a peanut butter enthusiast, but you already knew that ;)

Oh yeah, i’m pretty interesting right? Mmhmm, glad to hear you agree with me.

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