I know my way around a smoothie bowl

I know my way around a smoothie bowl

If you’ve been keeping up with my Instagram stories, you’ll know that last week I got my wisdom teeth removed.

Not the most fun thing in world, but I’m glad to have gotten it done with and out of the way. The procedure itself went fine, and after about five hours the numbness went away and I started to feel like myself again. The only thing really holding me back now is the inevitable pain, and not being able to eat anything crunchy.

Enter: Smoothie bowls!

Pretty much the only thing I’m able to eat without any discomfort, or having to consciously think about each bite I take. I had been strongly warned against using straws by multiple people prior to my surgery, so that’s why they have to be bowls and not the typical drinking sort of smoothie.

However, there’s only so many different smoothie combinations you can try before they become boring. I also have to make sure I’m getting enough nutrients too (ya know like protein and fibre and such) so that’s another factor to consider. Bananas and almond milk can only take a person so far.

I Googled smoothie recipes that included things I know I won’t be unable to eat unless they’re mushed up, but will also provide me with some nutritional benefits. I found some pretty interesting stuff I must say. There is definitely an un-tapped sector of the smoothie industry yet to be discovered by the masses and it includes beans and peas.

Yep, BEANS and PEAS. Was not expecting to find smoothie recipes that included either of those two, but I can assure you they exist, and I (of course) had to give them a go. Were they good? YES, yes they were!

Having now done some experimenting in the blender meal area, and relied on the aforementioned concoctions a lot in the last several days, it’s safe to say I now know my way around a blender and have gotten pretty intimate with what makes smoothies successful. It would be rude of me to keep my smoothie-making secrets I have learned a secret though, so share them I must.

> insert dramatic gesture here <


The most important part of the entire smoothie if you ask me. The fruit you choose really defines that type of smoothie you’re going to end up with. My personal favourite it frozen bananas, because I like a thick and creamy smoothie. Another good option is berries, preferably blueberries, because they are the berry with the least amount of seeds. Too many seeds turns the whole thing into one big annoying, crunchy-fiasco which is not cute. For a more tropical taste mango is key. It blends up super well and provides a cream base for whatever else you want to add. Then there’s also dates, which can save a smoothie in dire times. They don’t add much bulk like other fruits do, but if sweetness is what you’re looking for then dates are your best friend, or BFF, or ride-or-die whichever term you prefer to use.


An equally as important component as the fruit. Vegetables are what keep your smoothie from turning into a McFlurry. They provide the vitamins and minerals. Ya know those things that your body relies on to keep functioning at it’s optimal level….. yep that’s them! Veggies also give smoothies some bulk too. My personal favourite is frozen cauliflower rice, because it doesn’t add any weird colours and has basically zero flavour so you don’t even notice it’s there. Steamed and frozen zucchini is another good, good option. Oh and remember those peas I mentioned earlier!!!??? This is where they come in! There is always the option of classic spinach too. Whichever vegetable you choose to incorporate, just remember to TREAD LIGHTLY. Too many veggies in one smoothie and you’ll end up with the equivalent of brown on a paint pallet.


Ahhhhh liquids, the lubricant of the blender! Most of my smoothie creations use almond milk (the “original” flavour to be specific) but recently I tried pea milk for the first time and WOW! It’s amazing! It has such a smooth, creamy texture, tastes just as good and has way more protein than almond milk. Since we’re talking about smoothies though, and whatever liquid you decide to use will ultimately become one with the rest of your ingredients, from a taste perspective either almond or pea milk would be just fine.


Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! This is the real fun part, and the deciding factor for what kind of smoothie your smoothie is going to be. Will it be rich and chocolatey? Vanilla-ey and reminiscent of a Frappuccino? Fruity and exploding with…..fruit? It’s all up to you to decide! Just remember, and I cannot stress this enough, STICK TO ONE FLAVOUR. A smoothie is really not the place to get wild and throw in every single thing in the pantry. The less flavour profiles the better. My personal favourite is (no surprise) chocolate and peanut butter, but I’m also a fan of mint-chocolate too. Whatever flavour you’re trying to achieve can be made through a combination of nut butters, flavoured protein powders and spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. Depending on what you’re after, you can also add in more fruit. Like if you’re aiming for something citrusy, you could add in a little lime or orange juice, or even some zest from the rind. Oh and if you’re interested in trying the bean thing. Go for either chickpeas or black beans, and no more than a 1/3 of a cup. You don’t want to end up with hummus…..

Wow, now I just need to say a big congratulations toooo youuuu! Why? Because you’ve made it to the end of yet another one of my long and wordy posts. I had a lot to say so clearly smoothies is something I’m very passionate about. I could have made it shorter, but then it just wouldn’t have been as fun and you would’ve missed out on all my wonderful rambling. So thank you for putting up with my word vomit.

Peace and love.

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