All the little things bringing me joy right now

All the little things bringing me joy right now

Something crazy is happening right now.

I’m drinking a grapefruit flavoured soda water, which is pretty insane for me since I hate grapefruit, but it’s the only flavour I have in the house so I don’t have a choice. Oh and I’m also sick :(

Yep, I’ve been blessed with a summer cold. Which is the other crazy thing because I have not had a cold in over a year and a half. Sadly, my immunity streak has come to an end though, and now I’m feeling pretty sh*tty.

Thankfully I have accumulated a pretty large selection of little activities and entertainment to distract me from my discomfort (there’s coughing, there’s sneezing) and make my heart happy with joy.


I cannot get enough of this guy’s videos. They really are the best mindlessly, random things out there to watch and are completely un-pretensious. Also a great source of high quality food porn and if you’re a nut butter freak (like me) you'll thoroughly enjoy them.

Sanctuary World

Sanctuary World is a daily horoscope app, which I don’t use, but I’m in love with their Instagram account.

They do the most scarily-accurate graphics and visual breakdowns, including everything from sushi to word searches, that perfectly describe the characteristics of all twelve signs to a T.

My personal favourites are the text messages.

Banana everything

There has been a surplus of bananas in my house this week, and they got ripe quick!

I’m normally okay with this because I prefer a pretty ripe banana, and I’m also a frequent smoothie bowl consumer, so they come in handy. This time though there was just too many to deal.

Usually I’d just freeze them all, but I already had so many banana slices waiting for me in the freezer, so I made oatmeal muffins with them instead. I even sliced up little pieces of banana and put them on top of the muffin batter before baking. It made them 100% more cute and 100% more photogenic.

Blackberry picking

Another fruity thing.

Blackberry picking is a very nostalgic activity for me, and a great way to trick yourself into going outside and walking around when you’re not a go outside and walk around type of person.

There’s a long row of blackberry bushes down the street from my house that I have been picking from all week. I’ve resisted eating the blackberries right as soon as I pick them, instead enjoying them sparingly, and freezing most of them in hopes that my mom will bake me a pie…..

Gilmore Girls

My latest Netflix binge.

I’ve been meaning to watch Gilmore Girls for a while, but I’m so glad I waited because it is the comfort food my soul needs right now. The simple antics of the people of Stars Hollow have my full attention.

I’m only on season three but eager to finish them all so I can watch the Year In a Life special.

Air-drying my hair

I know it’s a weird thing to get joy from, but it’s definitely easier and less damaging than a blow-dry. Now that I have shorter hair I’m trying to embrace the luxury of a quicker dry because it’s a major time save. Plus, letting my hair air-dry means I get to see all its natural wave come out, which is a real treat in the summer and just doesn’t happen if I use a blow dryer.

So while you’re out there having your hot girl summer, I’ll just be inside with my YouTube and Gilmore Girls eating my banana muffins trying not to die coughing. It’s fine.

By the way, I finished the grapefruit soda water. It wasn’t that bad actually. Might have it again, might not.

I know my way around a smoothie bowl

I know my way around a smoothie bowl

I committed a fast fashion sin and didn't die

I committed a fast fashion sin and didn't die