I committed a fast fashion sin and didn't die

I committed a fast fashion sin and didn't die

I feel shame.

Despite all my efforts to actively avoid the single thing that disgusts me the most, I submitted to my urges, committing the ultimate sin.

I spent money on fast fashion.

This was not by accident though. I had thoroughly thought through the purchases. Weighed the benefits and the costs (a whole $22 in case you were wondering), and made a conscious decision to go through with the it, knowing well the repercussions that fast fashion has on the environment and beyond.

You see though, I needed a belt. A single belt. An item to keep my pants glued to my waist. Something to make my belt loops look less bare. Not too much to ask for right? Well apparently it was, because I had been looking everywhere and just couldn’t find one that fit my needs.

Until, I got a tip from a friend. A tip on where to get cute belts.

The catch being of course that the place to get them was a store synonymous with cheap clothes and accessories. I knew that that store was probably my only hope of finding a belt that I actually liked anytime soon, so I went.

Within minutes of entering the store I had found it. A belt that not only did I like, I loved. I was amazed, because I was not expecting to find one that interested me that much. In my opinion, most of the accessories found in fast fashion retailers are boring, plain and lack details. This one was the complete opposite of that. Black with studs, a western-style buckle and pointed metal bit (clearly I’m not familiar with belt anatomy and lingo) at the end.

My mission was completed. The desired item had been found. I could have paid and left right then and there, but no. Of course I had to look around more, and of course I inevitably found another thing that I liked.

A bralette (it was not quite a sports bra and not quite a crop top, so for the sake of this article we’re going to call it bralette) made of stretchy, ribbed fabric with straps so thin that I don’t think they would even qualify as spaghetti straps. Spaghetti noodles are thicker than these straps were, which means they must be named after a noodle thinner than spaghetti so I’m going to call them angel hair straps. Yep, the bralette had angel hair straps.

It was also black. There were plenty of other colours to choose from, but I was initially drawn to the black one for its outright simplicity and versatility. After trying it on and discovering its comfort, I knew I wanted it. Not just one though, TWO! They were buy-one-get-one-half-off after all. So in the end I left the store with the belt of my dreams and two bralettes, one black and one neon green.

I should point out that I declined the plastic bag that was offered to me while checking out, in favour of the cloth one that I’d brought. That fact makes me feel slightly better about this whole thing, but still none the less, guilty. After giving myself some time to digest the situation, I was able to construct some rational for why my purchases were warranted, and this is what I came up with:

The bralettes were of a style that I had seen in countless other stores of the fast fashion variety before, which I had also considered purchasing. In these previous times I was willing to pay more for one, quite a bit more. In theory, me purchasing these two bralettes at this store was simply being a smart shopper, since I was already committed to the idea of

When I really think about it, I shouldn't have to feel this kind of guilt. After all, this was one of the first times I’ve made an impulsive fast fashion purchase in quite a while. I’ve also been putting the two bralettes to good use, having worn both of them a handful of times in the short period I’ve had them. This particular experience is also a good example of how almost no one, not even a thrift store devotee like myself, is immune to the temptation of cheaply-made and cheaply-priced clothes.

The fast fashion system is powerful and probably not going anywhere anytime soon. So the least I/you/we can do is try to avoid buying it whenever possible. If you do though, don’t feel guilty. Just enjoy it, get the most use you can out of it, and move on. Trust me, you won’t die.

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