The flavours of summer: My ice cream bucket list

The flavours of summer: My ice cream bucket list


Can you tell I’m excited?

I love summer, and I love it for a few reasons:

a) the flaunting of legs and other body parts is socially acceptable b) It’s safe to leave the house without a jacket c) my skin is at it’s prime in the summer (no joke, the heat opens them pores right up) d) venturing outside feels like a reward and not a punishment e) the ice cream options are OUT OF THIS WORLD!

That last one is what I really want to talk about today, because there are just SO MANY dang ice cream options out there. Especially now that there are lot’s of little ice cream shops popping up, and no one bats a eyelash the you ask for the vegan options. I mean gimme all that coconut/almond/peanut/soy/banana frozen dessert won’t ya?

But sometimes there’s too many to choose from. Like, yes it’s nice to have options, but sometimes I just want to be given a spoon and a bowl (yes, I am firmly anti-cone) filled with frozen deliciousness and be told to eat. Know what I mean?

So here it is. My personal bucket list of all the ice cream spots/brands I plan on hitting up this summer, along with the all the flavours I intend on trying. I am challenging myself, and I encourage you to take this challenge on too, to try all these purveyors of the most glorious frozen dessert in history of dessert-eating-kind.


They’re Certified Vegan y’all! Plus, their ice cream is made in small batches in Vancouver! Plus you can get it at the grocery store! So many pluses!! Let’s get into the real goods now, the flavours.

Now, admittedly their flavour selection is small, but they do a good job of hitting all the necessary flavours one could ever require: Mint Chip, Peanut butter & Chocolate, Vanilla Bean and Strawberries & Cream. Of course I am bias and undoubtedly want to try the Peanut Butter & Chocolate, but I am also really curious and the Mint Chip, so I will probably have to give them both a go.

At different times though. I am not here for cross-contamination of flavours.

Marble Slab Creamery

The ultimate place for a choose-your-own-adventure ice cream experience. Really I could go so many different directions with my flavour choice here, but we all know what my weaknesses are so here it is:

Cheesecake ice cream with brownie bits, cookie dough, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and peanut butter sauce, served in a cup of course. I’m no psycho.

Rain or Shine

Another local company that prioritizes sourcing and using whole, local ingredients as much as possible, so heck ya I’m on board!

To be honest I had never heard of them before I did research for this little ice cream challenge of mine, but I’m so glad I found them! They have a good mix of vegan, gluten-free and egg-free options, and even do waffle cone tacos.

Now of course after seeing their menu I went with the peanut butter option, but I mean how could you not with a description like this.

“Unsalted crunchy organic peanut butter from 'nuts to you butter'. This rich peanut creation is perfected in its simplicity. The flavour speaks for itself”

Everyone knows that nuts to you butter is one of the top nut butter brands (well at least I did) so this is an obvious choice for me. To be fair though I do have a second place choice, and that is honey lavender. So ya see, I’m not that predictable all the time.

Soft Peaks

Another local and handcrafted ice cream spot. Soft Peaks uses all organic milk and cream to make their ice cream. They primarily do soft-serve ice cream with toppings, but also have milkshakes and ice cream bars too. My first time visiting I will have to go with the classic soft serve though, as that is the best way to get a good feel for their ice cream-making abilities.

So here’s my pick: Organic milk soft serve with blueberries and homemade blueberry purée on top. AKA the Blue Mountain.

Ernest Ice Cream

I have been to Ernest Ice Cream a couple times before, and both times I had the Peanut Butter Chocolate Pretzel, which is amazing! It’s even made with peanut milk, so it’s vegan.

Of course I need to branch out though, and since they have three different sections for flavours (regular, rotating and vegan) I figured why not pick one from each!

For my regular pick, I think I’m going to go with Whisky Hazelnut, which is definitely something unusual for me. Never tried an alcohol flavoured ice cream before and we all know my preferred nut is the peanut, so this one will be a new experience.

There are a lot of rotating flavours to choose from and they are not your typical flavours either (the most interesting one I saw was Sour Cherry & Goat Cheese) so it made picking one difficult. I decided to go with Carrot Cake though. Gingerbread Cookie was my second choice, but I figure that that flavour would be too expected.

For my vegan pick, I am going to go the Cookies and Cream route. It’s made with a coconut cream base, and it’s a pretty classic flavour, so it’ll be interesting to try a vegan version of it.

Dairy Queen

I had to save the the most iconic one for last. Did you really think I was going to talk about ice cream and not mention Dairy Queen? It is literally the queen. It’s got it right in the name.

I’m very disappointed that I missed my opportunity to get a mini Blizzard flight, since I’m pretty sure that was just for the month of May, but I suppose I could just order three regular mini Blizzards. They just wouldn't come in a cute holder though.

Okay, that’s enough chit chat. My pick is the Limited Edition Reese’s Peanut Butter Lovers Blizzard. It’s like it was made specifically for me.

Now we have reached the end of my ice cream bucket list. I hope by this point your mouth is craving something sweet and creamy, and that you will follow those cravings right out the door so you can try any (or all!) of the flavours I discussed above.

Happy ice-cream-eating friends!

I highly suggest these editing and design apps

I highly suggest these editing and design apps

Having vices makes life better

Having vices makes life better