Secrets from the saved folder: Volume 2

Secrets from the saved folder: Volume 2

Oh boy, let me tell you, it has been a roller-coaster of a week.

Emotions all over the place, loads of unexpected work and a lack of sleep have me feeling a little down and exhausted. Now on top of all that I have a wisdom tooth coming in that HURTS LIKE HELL. Yes, it hurts that much that I felt the need to yell.

So needles to say I need a good laugh, and I think we could all use a good laugh, so that’s why it felt like the perfect time for another round of secrets from the saved folder, and I honestly couldn’t be more excited. I found a real mixed bag of things in there this time that I’m delighted to share with you.

I hope reading this puts a smile on your face like it did for me. Or at the very least makes you do a little internal giggle. Those are always the best.

Honestly such a good idea. Everyone would be happy and I know I would personally benefit from this type of service very very much.

So I’m a Sagittarius, and related to almost everything on this bingo chart (except the vaping…) SOOO MUCH! Especially the “always needing a distraction from your brain or getting sad” oof, that one cut deep. It’s okay though because I also have a penchant for pasta, cuffed jeans and self-deprecating humour, which I think are supposed to be good things. Maybe. Or maybe not. Well the pasta thing definitely is.

I feel like I almost exclusively find those little silica gel packs inside purses, so the fact that this silica gel pack is taking on the form of a purse-esque device is the exact kind of humour that I love. Also, did anyone else ever have a parent tell them not to eat them but you were old enough to read so it was completely redundant and who would want to eat something that came out a boring package like that anyway?

Screw the cake, give me a donut! I would take a wall of donuts over conventional cake any day, especially on my wedding day. Plus if you made the wall yourself you could use it as an accessory organizer afterward. Or for more donuts. Side note: Did you know today is International Donut Day? Well you do now!

Truth be told, this time when I checked my saved folder there was an unusually high number of food posts in it. This plate of cookies was one of the standout ones for me, partly because of the colour, but also because they’re cookies. Vegan cookies, if I may add. They remind me of something you would find in the bakery section at Save On Foods, but a little more photogenic.

Oh these two! I also had another picture saved of Cole Sprouse sniffing roses on the MET Gala red carpet, that I considered including too, but I decided on this one of Cole and Lili because they just look so happy :) Also I may or may not have gone down a habit hole of looking at every single one of Lili Reinhart’s Instagram pictures prior to writing this post.

Never have I ever experimented with a square toe, but these shoes kind of make me want to. Also, why are fishnet shoes not already a thing, I mean they are the perfect compromise for when you want to show off your pedicure but open-toe feels just a bit too casual.

I recommend also using this pie chart for coming to a decision on problems that are not wine-related, but maybe peanut butter, ice cream or burger related.

A great quote that I would have loved to remember while I was dying underneath a pile of work and emotions this week. That’s okay though, I’ll just put this one in my back pocket for for next week…

I have recently decided that chicken McNuggets are my McDonald’s menu item of choice. I also really enjoy how you can see this dog’s teeth in the picture. There’s something so endearing about dog teeth ya know? They so little but can also tear you to shreds. It’s cute.

I’m pretty guilty of this one.

I know, another zodiac-related post. I do think my salad is super accurate though, as I am definitely not one to be too adventurous with my salads (one weird ingredient really ruins the whole thing for me) and I can attest to the short attention span thing….. sorry what was it we were talking about?

Well my younger self probably wouldn’t believe that I’d be writing this blog post right now, or that I willing chose to have short hair. She probably wouldn’t believe that my next door neighbour would turn into my boyfriend, or that I’m pursuing a career in something I’m truly passionate about. I love thinking about this question so much. It really puts things in perspective and is a great way to reflect and be thankful for change.

Now this is the part where we go our separate ways. I am off to search out some ibuprofen to tame this devious wisdom tooth, and I’m sure you are off to do something totally cool and worth feeling FOMO over.

Have a freakin’ fantastical weekend friends!

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