All the bags I'm currently stalking

All the bags I'm currently stalking

You may remember from my obsessions post a few weeks ago that I am on the hunt for a new items carrying device, AKA a bag. Well now it’s more like two bags, since I’ve realized that I have two separate needs that need fulfilling.

Need #1 is a small, crossbody bag that has a not-too-big strap and a not-too-big body. Something that is dainty enough for a night out, but substantial enough to hold the phone, wallet and keys combo. Need #2 is a backpack that is bigger than those trendy, tiny backpacks but not so big that I could be confused for someone travelling through Europe on a small budget. It MUST be able to fit my laptop and preferably my lunch and water bottle too.

I have been casually looking for vessels that fulfill both these needs for some time now, but I think it’s finally time to get serious. The little purse that I have been cramming my belongings in for almost three years now is starting to show it’s age. A thin strip of fabric is all that separates it’s strap from detaching, and I have a safety pin always tucked in the bottom of it for when the day that it breaks off finally comes. Then there’s my tote bag. While it’s only half the age of my little purse, it’s been through hell and back. Having been overstuffed with textbooks, and sat on the floors of more buses than I care to share.

That was a pretty longwinded explanation of this whole scenario, but either way it’s definitely time for new bags. When I’m looking for something very specific though, I NEED to do my research. Ya know, a real “one hundred different tabs open” situation. I hate making rash or quick decisions, and especially hate buying something and then returning it because it’s just not quite right. So this post is the official kick-off to me taking this bag shopping thing seriously. No more being wishy-washy about it.

All the bags I’ve been stalking on the internet are as follows:

Pixie Mood- Drew Bag

Little side story: On the weekend my mom bought me a Pixie Mood backpack which I really did love, but it just wasn’t going to be big enough to fit my laptop, so it’s going to get returned. I’m really glad that happened though because it introduced me to the Pixie Mood brand, which I had never heard of before. They make handbags from cruelty-free material and it’s all very sleek and modern. Anyway, I like this one in particular, plus it’s also on sale right now.

Urban Originals- West Vegan Leather Backpack

I think I would like this one more if it was in black and maybe a little less square. Other than that though it’s good, and I think it would pass the laptop test.

RAINS- Mini Waterproof Holographic Backpack

I really, really love this one. It’s specifically designed to hold a 13” laptop like mine, it’s waterproof (big plus living in Vancouver) and it comes in this super cute pink colour. I’m not normally a pink kinda girl, but something about this one gets me excited.

Topshop- Courtney Studded Crossbody Bag

This one is on the cheap side, so I’d be a little cautious with wear and tear, but I like how the strap detaches so you have the option of just carrying it by the handles. It’s also shiny and has more of a night-out vibe to it, which is one of my requirements.

Fjallraven Kranken- Backpack

I had mixed feelings about Fjallraven bags for a long time. Yes, they are trendy but until recently I was never a fan of how they actually looked. I’m starting to warm up to them though, and if I were to get one I would most certainly get a yellow one, since I know yellow looks good on me.

Like Dream- Cube Faux Leather Crossbody Bag

I’m really digging the unique shape of this one. It’s modern and sleek but has an eclectic vibe to it, and like I said before I love a detachable strap. Plus, it’s nice that it is able to stand up on its own. I hate it when you put your bag down and it just slumps over.

So this has just been a few of the bags I’ve been eyeing, but you get the idea of what I’m looking for. If you have any good recommendations of where to find bags PLEASE send them my way. I really need to make a decision. My ability to walk hands-free depends on it.

Having vices makes life better

Having vices makes life better

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Breakfast is the best