Breakfast is the best

Breakfast is the best

Breakfast is hands-down my favourite meal of the day.

I know that that statement may be contentious, as some people simply aren’t breakfast eaters. However this post is not about trying to convince and convert those who sidestep the meal in to breakfast club members, I’m simply sharing my passion for the A.M. meal.

Okay, just had to get that out of the way.

Oh yes, I LOVE BREAKFAST. It’s just simply the best and most versatile meal of the day. Really anything goes at breakfast (to be clear I am also including brunch in this, because it is a meal hybrid often eaten before 12 O’clock rolls around and usual includes the same type of food items as a breakfast would) which makes it a very personal and customizable meal. It’s also the only meal that truly spans all the food groups.

For example, say you were going out to eat breakfast with other people, and one person ordered sausage with eggs and hash browns and someone else ordered yogurt with granola. No one would bat an eye lash. Totally normal. However, if you were going out to dinner and one person ordered fish and rice while the other person was eating fruit salad and toast, it would be a little weird. Now I’m not food-shaming anyone here. If you like eating fruit and toast for dinner that’s your decision, and if I’m being totally honest I have defiantly done that before. Meals are a spectrum after all and there really are no hard and fast rules, but as a whole breakfast just offers more opportunity to eat whatever you want.

Another reason I love breakfast so much is that it’s the only meal (at least for me) that is consistently eaten at home. Since I like to eat almost as soon as I hop-up out of bed (and no I’m not being hyperbolic there, sometimes it literally is a hop) breakfast is also a wake-up period for me. I try to make it as calming as possible. I don’t go on my phone, I just eat and do crosswords. It’s pure bliss.

Some of my favourite breakfasts lately have been:

- Oatmeal with peanut butter and berries

- French toast with an orange, cherry tomatoes and spinach

- Sweet potato, banana and peanut butter

- Eggs, apple, peanut butter and toast

(yes, peanut butter was on there three times, but we all know I love it)

So yeah, I pretty much rotate what I have daily, but I’m always interested in incorporating new things. A few weeks ago I had a moment with vegan cream cheeze and today I saw a picture of a breakfast salad, which I am now very curious about investigating further. Could it be a good summer option?

Yes. No. Maybe-so?

Who knows.

All I know is that pretty much anything can be cured a breakfast food, and sleep is just a time machine that transports us to breakfast.

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