10 things I'm obsessed with right now

10 things I'm obsessed with right now

Going through phases of obsessions whether it be food, clothes or anything else, is really fun. It’s like every time something new pops up in my life I get to fall in love all over again, and discover a new piece of myself. I figured I might as well put together a list of all the things I am currently obsessed (not to be confused with possessed) with right now so you too can become obsessed right along with me.

So let’s dive into this list, shall we?

  1. Ginger Beer

    A few months ago I randomly ordered this ginger beer at an Italian Restaurant and it was delicious. Moscow Mules are my favourite cocktail and this ginger beer tastes perfect in them, and is just as good in it’s own too. Plus, it comes in a really cool glass bottle that is very fun to drink out of.

  2. RIverdale

    I never expected to get as absorbed into this show as I have. My boyfriend and I aren’t huge fans of how they have written season 3, but we’re in too deep to stop now. In my opinion the costuming is much better this season than the previous 2 though, so for me that helps balance out the terrible writing.

  3. Schitt’s Creek

    Riverdale is where I get my drama and suspense fix, but Schitt’s Creek is for when I just need to zone out and not think. It’s easy, light watching and quick to get through because they’re 22 minute episodes. Oh, and they’re funny. So funny.

  4. Little bags

    I have been looking for a new purse for months now but am still yet to find one that accommodates all my needs (relatively flat, fits my phone, wallet and keys comfortably, has a strap that is not too long and not too short) and won’t absolutely destroy my bank account. I’ve been window-shopping and starting to really fall in love with little bags. Especially the little backpacks and wicker ones that look like impractical picnic baskets. The latest ones I’ve laid eyes are this one, this one and this one.

  5. Salted Caramel Protein + Greens

    I don’t normally enjoy anything with caramel because I don’t like the stickiness of it. This protein powder is different though, because it’s just the caramel flavour and none of the texture. Blend it up with some almond milk. Mmm, delicious.

  6. Weekends

    Ya I know this is an odd and also kind-of obvious thing to be obsessed with, but for a long time I didn’t look forward to weekends at all. When I was in school weekends were never fun for me because they usually meant loads of homework and being isolated from people (I didn't a great social life for a very long time) so I grew to hate them. Now I actually get to relax and have fun on the weekends and it feels so, so good.

  7. Evolution of Smooth shaving cream

    This shea butter shaving cream does such an amazing job. I use the vanilla bliss kind. It leaves a really nice, light scent that isn’t overpowering and my skin actually feels moisturized after, Even the bottle is designed well too, with little grooves for your fingers so that it doesn’t slide out of your hands in the shower.

  8. The Steve Dangle Podcast

    Little-known fact about me: I love hockey. This podcast is slightly above my level of hockey comprehension, but they mix in a good a mount of reality TV and other pop-culture conversation so it’s easily digestible. If you like Panago Pizza and/or Crown Royal you’ll enjoy this podcast too.

  9. Adoption stories

    Something about adoption stories makes me so happy. I love following them and probably get way too emotionally involved, but they’re just so dang heart-warming. I have been reading this blog for 7 years and it is run by two sisters, one of whom is now in the process of her second adoption. You can read about the first adoption here and the second one here.

  10. Roasted chickpeas

    Putting chickpeas in the oven is a real game changer. I mean I would eat them either way, but roasting them really gives them a nice crunch. I find that 375° F is the perfect temperature, and I highly suggest tossing them in some kind of spice (paprika is good) beforehand. The length of time they bake for is all up to you and how crunchy you want them, but I usually do about 15 minutes. Make sure to flip them a couple times during the cooking process too. No one wants burnt chickpea stuck to their baking sheet.

Of course I had to throw a gif from The Office in here. It just fit so perfectly.

Okay, that’s all. Happy Wednesday!

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