This is some great breakfast conversation right here

This is some great breakfast conversation right here

Waffles vs. pancakes. The most epic breakfast debate of all-time.

I, being an empathetic and understanding creature, am able to observe the merits of both sides of this dispute with no bias or leniency to either one. The grid-emblazoned concoctions are just as good as the flat and cushiony discs, plus they each pair equally well with peanut butter, so its a win-win no matter how you slice it.

Both have such notable reasons for why they reign supreme as the leader in breakfast carbs (to be clear, cereal was never a contender in this contest, and we’re just going to leave French-toast out of it completely), which is why I took it upon myself to outline them in this little post right here.

First, we have the waffles.

Waffle Pros:

- Undeniably thicker and fluffier

- Little pockets for condiments and toppings to hide in

- Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside

- Super cute to look at and very photogenic (Cuz we all know this is an important factor)

Waffle Cons:

- Don’t stack very well

- Less syrup absorbency

- Harder to cut and fit in your mouth

- Special cooking contraption needed to produce them

Now for the pancakes aka flap jacks aka hot cakes.

Pancakes Pros:

- Dense and cake-like

- Easy to stack and layer toppings and condiment

- Absorbs syrup like a Bounty paper towel

- Ultimate control over size and shape

Pancake Cons:

- Higher fail-rate when cooking

- A more hands-on approach needed in the cooking process to ensure a satisfactory outcome

- Inconsistent quality

- Require a large amount of condiments/topping in order to be waffle-level of photogenic

Now, as I mentioned before, I have zero bias toward either side in this whole thing, so the result of this commentary is inconclusive. However, I highly suggest you bring this topic up at your next breakfast/brunch/[insert any meal here] get together. Though I do caution that this kind of discussion can get heated quickly. Feel free to screenshot and save this list of pros and cons in your metaphorical back-pocket in-case a debate on this matter arises.

If you have your own reasons for why pancakes or waffles is superior, please let me know in the comment section. I would love to waste more time thinking about this topic, and no, I’m not being sarcastic when I say that.

Happy breakfasting friends!

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