Secrets from the saved folder

Secrets from the saved folder

The saved folder on my Instagram account is a wild, wild place.

Like most people, I save things and forget that I saved them. Then on the rare occasion that I actually go back and look at them, I’m always left wondering why I saved the posts I did in the first place.

I think a person’s saved folder can say a lot about them as a person, revealing their true interests and desires better than a horoscope. So sit back and enjoy as I divulge some of my deepest feelings via my saves, with cute commentary to match.

If I got proposed to this way, I would say yes. Actually, if I got proposed to using any kind of food vessel I would probably say yes.

I just really related to this one.

Not only is this funny but also a genius idea for moms that are breastfeeding. Is that Mountain Dew?

This smoothie bowl has charcoal in it and there are Oreo cookies on top, which makes me very curious to know what it tastes like. My guess is burnt toast with a thin layer of icing.

I just thought this looked cool with the fishnets and the chains. It kind of reminds me of the belts that bellydancers wear.

This was single-handidly the best part of the whole Fyre Festival documentary. Even though what happened with Fyre was a disaster and seriously affected a lot of people, at least at the end of the day we got this wonderful quote out of it.

My entire childhood can be summed up this picture right here.

Imagine. Honestly, a post-Instagram world is one that I would be excited to live in. Even though it would put a lot of people out of jobs (myself included), and there would be confused girls in bikinis wandering around the streets looking for validation, it could be fun.

LASER BOOBS. This picture really pumps me up whenever I see it, and I think it emits a level of confidence that we should all be trying to reach.

These donuts are beautiful. Do you think those are real shells and mermaid tails?

If you don’t take them seriously no one else will. Dreams are important. The only person that can make them come true is you. Don’t give up.

Fake semen, and other things I put on my face

Fake semen, and other things I put on my face

Not caring is fun too

Not caring is fun too