My daily routine, illustrated through gifs

My daily routine, illustrated through gifs

In case anyone was wondering what it is that I do all day (although I seriously doubt anyone was wondering that) I’ve put together my daily routine and included gifs to make it more fun, because more fun is good.

7:00 am

Alarm goes off.

I lay there for a few seconds regretting not getting more sleep. While ruminating on my regret I listen to whatever Top 40 song is playing on my clock-radio (I think the fact that I have a REAL alarm clock and don’t just use my phone alarm says a lot about me) then I gently roll myself out from under the covers and begin to tackle the labour-intensive chore of making my bed.

7:15 am

Make food. I’m a breakfast eater, and my day does not begin unless I’ve eaten.

7:30 am

Eat food. I also take my vitamins, do a crossword, watch the news and check my phone. Can you say multitasking?

8:00 am

Brush my teeth. Then I head to my room, listen to a podcast and stretch. Sometimes I hula-hoop while standing on my bed too…..

9:00 am

Wash my face. Put on moisturizer and sunscreen (I know it’s winter but the sun can do damage to your skin year-round. PROTECT YOUR SKIN PEOPLE), then it’s time for clothes. Lately my outfits have been heavy on the leggings, since I’m doing my internship from home, but really my clothing choices change with my moods.

9:30 am

Now is the time when I go into “busy business woman” mode and do work furiously on my laptop for 2-3 hours, only taking breaks to get more tea and go to the bathroom.

1:00 pm

Sometime amid the furious typing I squeeze in a few minutes to walk the dog and get some sunshine. Then it’s time for lunch. Yes, more food.

2:00 pm

Okay, now this when I usually start to loose focus.

For the rest of the afternoon I will try to continue doing work and writing stuff for the blog, but it doesn’t always go as planned. Sometimes other things (or people) will distract me, or sometimes I have an appointment (i.e. doctor) to go to so that can get in the way as well.

5:00 pm

Shower. I’m a night shower-er and I always have been.

5:30 pm

In the span of the next hour and a half I make and eat dinner, write in my journal, and do more crosswords.

7:00 pm

I either text or phone my dad (I do this every night, we are a very communicative family), then brush and floss my teeth.

The rest of the evening his usually spent watching Netflix or hockey, and sometimes I keep doing work on my laptop. It almost always includes lots of tea and being cozy underneath heaps of blankets though.

9:00 pm

I’ve pretty much had the same 9:00 bedtime since I was a little kid, and even though I’m definitely old enough now to gauge when I need to sleep, I still like to try and shut things down by 9:00 on weekdays.

I’m not the type of person who can fall asleep instantly though, so I usually like to read, do more crosswords or write in my journal again. Then once I can feel my eye-lids getting heavy, I finally turn off the light.

Good night.

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