I’m just feeding my ego

I’m just feeding my ego

I recommend you only read the rest of this post if you care to know about what I ate last week.

I know that I personally don’t really care to know what other people are eating that much, and I don’t expect you to either. However, I needed some thing to put in the “Food” category and the idea train has recently been low on fuel. So, I figured I’d pretend that people DO actually care about what I eat, and post about that.

Don’t be scared though, I didn’t include everything I ate. Just the stuff that I deemed interesting and pretty to look at.



Lunch: Beef and vegetable soup with rye bread

Oh ya, starting off strong. Both the soup and the bread were homemade by my mom, so shout-out to her for that. I’d like to give another shout-out to the first person who ever put zucchini in soup, I appreciate you.



Lunch: Eggs, avocado, yam, spinach and cherry tomatoes

Hmm this is awkward I don’t know what to say, just that my eggs look kinda weird and so does the whole spinach-tomato situation over there. I’m just gonna go now, see you tomorrow.



Breakfast: Banana smoothie bowl, almond butter and a carrot muffin

Smoothie bowls taste like dessert, but are still considered appropriate breakfast fare. I even put cinnamon on it to make it looks less like mush. Oh and the carrot muffin was so floofy and moist. I die.


Lunch: Veggie balls, broccoli, avocado and brown rice

I LOVE VEGGIE BALLS. Do yourself a favour, go to IKEA and get yourself some of their veggie balls. They are amazing. Also, hej IKEA! If you would like to sponsor, I’d be down for a lifetime supply of veggie balls and a PAX wardrobe. My people will contact your people.



Dinner: Shrimp, broccoli, mushrooms, and spaghetti squash

7019238/10 would eat this meal again, and yes I just typed in some random number there. It has mushrooms in it though, and I’m a sucker for mushrooms.


Breakfast 5.png

Breakfast: Yam, carrots and almond butter

I know that my weird affinity to vegetables and nut butters together may not be understood by some people, but honestly I don’t care. You can go back to your boring jam-on-toast now, thank you very much.

Lunch 5.png

Lunch: PB&J smoothie

FYI I took a 40 minute bus trip just to get this smoothie. Friday was a particularly emotional day for me though and I needed an excuse to leave the house, so I think this smoothie was warranted and should be filed under the “self-care” category.

Dinner 5.png

Dinner: Chicken, snap peas, red pepper, arugula, quinoa and goat feta

I know, what a mouth full, but it was good and so worth typing out this whole sentence. I think we can all agree that the star of this meal was definitely the goat feta and, even though you can’t see it, trust me there is quinoa buried under there and it played a supporting role.


Breakfast 6.png

Breakfast: Apple, oatmeal and almonds

Can you tell I tried with this one? It was hard to get that fan of apples all straight and even, and don’t even get me started on the cinnamon (synonym?) sprinkles. Those were a nightmare.

Lunch 6.png

Lunch: Tofu, broccoli, avocado and quinoa

If you’re wondering what the little purple looking stuff in there is, it’s red onion. I thought it would improve the flavour of this meal but it didn’t, so I ended up pouring a bunch of hot sauce on it to perk it up. Also, if you’re counting avocados this is #3.


Breakfast 7.png

Breakfast: Banana, greek yogurt, peanut butter and a carrot muffin

The longer you stare at a banana slice, the more it looks like a Shih Tzu’s face. Also, I tried to do the pretty plating thing again like yesterday’s breakfast, but the jury is still out on whether I was successful or not. Good thing this post is almost over. You’re doing great, keep reading!

Dinner 7.png

Dinner: Chicken, spinach, mushrooms and brown rice

The shrooms made a come back and so did the chicken. What fun! To be honest, I poured multiple layers of hot sauce on this too. I think I’m having a spicy moment, but that’s good because spice keeps colds away and I’m trying to maintain my 17 month streak of being virus free. Woohoo!

Congratulations! You made it. I know, it was a long one.

Before I go, let’s just have a moment of silence for all the food that didn’t make the cut for this post. Like the mocha I had on Monday, the chocolate and ice cream on Friday and the Beyond Meat burger on Saturday. Don’t worry I see you guys.

Not caring is fun too

Not caring is fun too

Maybe we're all just waiting around for someone to talk to us

Maybe we're all just waiting around for someone to talk to us