A new podcast recommendation, even though you probably know about it already

A new podcast recommendation, even though you probably know about it already

I’m a bit of a podcast nerd. I listen to them A LOT. Pretty much all day when I’m at work, on my commute, when I’m doing chores, etc. Really anything that doesn’t require me to be listening and present.

I’ve been doing this for about two years now, and have acquired a good selection of podcasts that I consistently listen to.

About a month ago though, my podcast world was shaken. I discovered My Favorite Murder which, in case you couldn’t tell, is about murder.

My Favorite Murder (which I’m going to refer to as MFM for the rest of this post in order to make this as painless as possible) has been around since early 2016, so I’m almost FOUR YEARS late to the party and that means you probably know all about it, but I’m going to keep talking anyway.

In all fairness though, I wasn’t even listening to podcasts in 2016, let alone one about murder.

Now back to the real meat of this story.

The reason I started listening to MFM was a mash-up of several reasons:

a) Since I like to listen to podcasts all day at work, I burn through them very quickly which means that I’m always looking for new ones. b) When I start listening to a new podcast, I like to listen from the very first episode so I get the full picture of what’s going on, and having a large base episodes is critical for this. c) I had been listening to another podcast where, for one episode, the hosts discussed their favourite true-crime murders and mentioned the MFM podcast.

Ding, ding, ding! That last one there really sealed the deal. Prior to listening to MFM I had absolutely zero interest in true-crime or murder, and still don’t. Even though I binge-listen to them in a never ending stream (I’m still trying to catch up - currently on episode 95, which places me at late November 2017) I have no desire to watch or listen to true-crime outside of the MFM podcast.

It’s the humour (yes, it’s technically a comedy podcast) that keeps me coming back for more. The hosts, Karen and Georgia, are also super open about their history with mental health and just all-around bad-ass women who are entertaining to listen to. They talk about their favourite murders, of course, as well as other spooky, creepy things and it is downright addicting.

The community that has stemmed from this podcast is the other amazing thing about it. MFM fans, aka Murderinos, have created their own Facebook pages based on which city they live in (or diet preference, yep there an MFM group for vegans!), where they discuss their favourite true-crime stories. On top of that there is the amazing merch and the fact that they always tour to do live shows.

I hope that me talking about all this has convinced you to give MFM a try if you haven’t already. Sometimes listening to it is the highlight of my day and I’m so happy it exists to keep me company when I need it.

So until next time. Stay sexy, and don’t get murdered.

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